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Today M3AAWG published an updated version of “M3AAWG Disposition of Child Sexual Abuse Materials Best Common Practices”. It is important to consider that CSAM has multiple legal definitions depending on the country. At best the minimum definition of CSAM is imagery or videos which show a child engaged in or depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity. Not only are the images and videos documenting victims’ exploitation and abuse, the sharing of these files across the internet, re-victimize the child each time the image of their sexual abuse is viewed.

The unsettling truth is that internet sites we use daily to connect with each other and share information, including social media, online gaming, and e-mail, are being used to collect and spread CSAM. 

In order to rid CSAM from the internet, M3AAWG members play a role as part of the community by identifying more content. That’s how we build a world where every child can safely be a kid again. This is how M3AAWG can help ensure children are being saved every day. 



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