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Video Training and Presentations

M3AAWG has generated an extensive video library over the last few years, including presentations, keynotes and training sessions from our meetings.  We appreciate the presenters who have allowed us to videotape their talks and share them with the industry:

Keynote Videos

From the inside story of Edward Snowden's Lavabit email service operator Ladar Levison to INTERPOL's Michael Moran talking about child abusive material on the Web, we offer a variety of thought-provoking keynote presentation videos.  This includes Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan talking about sharing threat information and renowned security analysts Dr. Dan Geer and Brian Snow sharing their views on how to fix the most vexing online security issues.

Training Videos

Want to know more about how to clean malware from your subscribers' networks?  The video series by security expert Barry Green is here.  We also have an indepth tutorial on DMARC presented in six segments so you can learn at your convenience, and we cover the Canadian Anti-spam Legislation in detail.  See the complete list of our training videos and learn something new.

M3AAWG YouTube Channel - www.youtube.com/maawg

We have something for everyone in the industry with over 15 playlists covering everything from Hosting and Pervasive Monitoring to Research with the latest academic findings about malware and other threats.  There is a playlist with videos for ISPs and operators, for senders and for public policy outreach.  We also cover Messaging, Malware and Mobile.  You can also subscribe to our channel to be notified when new videos are added.